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Log Book

By servicing your car with McDonald Street Service Centre we uphold your new car warranty and save you the time and money of going through the manufacturer. Our mechanics will ensure that all the services specified by the manufacturer are fully performed by thoroughly checking all aspects of your vehicle, then we will validate the service book maintaining your cars records.


We have serviced a wide variety of vehicles and because of that you can relax knowing that with McDonald Street Service Centre, your vehicle is in good hands!


Did you know that one of the most common causes of a vehicle break down is the battery?


We ensure that your battery is tested with every service and we stock a range of batteries for your car or 4WD which we can fit while you wait.

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Having the right tyres for your car and ensuring they are in the right condition for the road is critical for you and your passengers’ safety. We can check your tyres, supply and fit a wide range of new affordable tyres and offer balancing and wheel alignment services.


Nail in your tyre? No need for any downtime. A simple puncture repair can be done while you wait.


How do you know when something is not quite right with your vehicle’s brakes?


Here are some warning signs to look at:


  • Pedal is pulsating or vibrating
  • It is making a screeching, grinding sound or any other abnormal noises
  • It feels like the car is pulling
  • Brake responsiveness has reduced
  • The steering wheel or the whole car shakes when stopping


If you have faced any of these troubles our mechanics will detect the exact problem. McDonald Street Service Centre performs a number of in-house brake services ensuring you are back on the road quickly and safely.

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The clutch transfers power from the engine to the wheels and with time will wear. There are various signs of a worn clutch:


  • Engine’s speed is changing without significant acceleration
  • The height for your clutch pedal is changing
  • Burning smell
  • Clutch pedal feels soft
  • Car slips out of gear while driving


At McDonald Street Service Centre we provide a wide range of service for your clutch and hydraulic systems.

Steering & Suspension

Over time your steering and suspension will wear. Here are a few signs that indicate fatigue of your suspension system:


  • Tyres are worn/wearing unevenly
  • Car is not at sitting level when stationary or parked
  • Steering will feel heavy
  • Car is riding harshly
  • During breaking the car dips forward
  • Clunky noises whilst driving


We will provide a complete steering and suspension evaluation and should you require, we stock a range of suspension products suitable for all vehicle makes and models.

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Auto-electrical components are such a large part of the modern day car. Our team at McDonald Street Service Centre can undertake a wide range of auto-electrical repairs.


We will assess, diagnose and repair your car’s problems with the aid of our latest diagnostic tools.


We can also supply and fit a wide range of accessories for your car or 4WD.

Roadworthy Certificates

A roadworthy certificate is a safety inspection of your vehicle. It can only be issued by a licensed vehicle tester such as McDonald Street Service Centre. If your car passes the inspection, a certificate is issued and is valid for 30 days.


When is it required?


  • If you are selling a vehicle
  • A used vehicle is being re-registered
  • A vehicle defect needs to be cleared


The inspection process ensures that the main safety components of the car are working properly and that the vehicle is safe to be used on the roads.


The items required to be inspected for a roadworthy are:


  • wheels & tyres
  • brakes, steering & suspension
  • vehicle structure
  • seatbelts & windows
  • wipers & windscreen
  • reflectors & lights
  • chassis, driveline & engine
  • exhaust & emission control


However, it is important to note that the inspection does not cover the mechanical reliability or condition of the vehicle. If you would like an inspection of the mechanical reliability and condition of the vehicle please be sure to mention this upon booking.

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Air Conditioning-edited

Air conditioning & Regas

Your vehicles air conditioning cools the car down in the summer but also helps to remove humidity in the winter making it vital for all weather conditions. We offer full air conditioning servicing including regasing to ensure your vehicles is always running at its optimum.


Our ARC repairer’s license number is #AU42105